US School Programs

One Million Lights has ongoing programs and projects in K-12 Grade Schools and Universities. Get your school involved, with lessons in solar, a school fundraiser, or a school-sponsored club! See what’s going on in other schools and make it happen in yours.

Lights for Children of Rural Pakistan

Lights for Children of Rural Pakistan

211 lights were distributed to students of the Mubarika school in rural Pakistan. Thank you Oakville Middle School, St Louis, Missouri !

Students for Solar Project

Students for Solar Project

Students for Solar, a student-led group at North Carolina State University is raising funds for a distribution of 50 solar lights to Haiti this summer to further the education of students with no electricity access. Read more about this project.

One Million Students

One Million Students

Bring the One Million Lights K-12 solar energy program to your school today!

Cal Poly engineering — LunaLight project

Cal Poly engineering -- LunaLight project

Each light produced in the 2012 LunaLight project is donated to a village in rural Kenya, where they help families to make more income, children to study at night, and brighten the futures of people in need.

Your donation to this project provides materials & funds for an engineering student to build one rechargeable, solar-powered LunaLight in the Cal Poly laboratories. The students learn to build and engineer a real product, and also learn the meaning of giving back.

Oakville Middle School — Project Engage

Oakville Middle School -- Project Engage

April 2012 The students of Oakville Middle School ask for your support. The students of Oakville Middle School, in St. Louis, MO, are making a difference, by sending solar light to the kids of Mubarika Campus.  In rural Pakistan, Mubarika and the surrounding village  have no electricity or safe source of light.  By providing 200 [Read more…]

Francisco’s birthday – San Mateo, CA

Francisco's birthday - San Mateo, CA

As a birthday present, 7-year-old Francisco Lucca asked his friends to donate a few dollars each, so that they can send lights to children living without electricity.

Happy Birthday, Francisco! You are an inspiration!

Sierra’s Story – Philippines

Sierra's Story - Philippines

An interview with One Million Lights Ambassador Sierra Fan – a dedicated young philanthropist bringing solar lights to help a village in the Philippines.

Karishma’s Story – India

Karishma's Story - India

Out of the Darkness and into the Future with Solar Technology — DC Area High School student, Karishma Popli, examines “the problems in our society, and the little things I can do to help” during a light distribution with One Million Lights

I am a 16-year-old junior at Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology (TJ) in Alexandria, Virginia. I started this project last year, when I was awarded a grant from my high school based on a school-wide competition to address the question, “What are the Social Responsibilities of Educated People?” I believe it is the social responsibility of educated people to

Harvard Science Review

Harvard Science Review

One Million Lights in the Harvard Science Review — Lighting the Way by Julia Ransohoff. Julia along with her sister, Katie, and brother, Sam, has started Running for a Reason, a club that combines non-competitive running and charity giving.

The Running for a Reason crew will be collaborating with One Million Lights on a book drive and solar light program in the developing world. We hope to raise funds to make books and solar lights available through mobile libraries that are based near schools and healthcare centers. We’ll keep you posted on how to get involved!

Hendrix College

Hendrix College

Clean, Safe Light Changes Lives — Hendrix Students Deliver Solar Powered Lights to Peruvians Living without Electricity. Matt Youngblood, Harmony Hudson, and Katie Jones, all 2010 Hendrix College graduates participating in a service learning program supported by the Hendrix Odyssey Project, went to a collection of small villages near Cuzco, Peru called Parque De Las Papas to deliver 100 solar powered lights. These lights were provided by One Million Lights, a CA based nonprofit whose mission is to improve the daily lives of children and adults in rural parts of the world by providing clean, safe light. When families receive a solar light it replaces their kerosene lamp, making their home cleaner and safer. These lights make study and work easier, eliminate…