In August 2013, One Million Lights, WALHI, and Energizer teamed up to distribute 1,200 solar lanterns in 6 rural villages outside of Bekasi.  Indonesia is on the list for 2014 to receive more lights from Energizer and One Million Lights.


Personal Stories from Indonesia:

Photo: Nikki Freyermuth Illuminating Indonesia
In August of 2013,  Nikki Freyermuth, a One Million Lights volunteer, traveled with One Million Lights, Energizer and Wahli to distribute 1,200 Energizer solar lanterns to 6 villages outside of Bekasi in Indonesia.  I step out of the car into a blanket of heat. I am wearing a t-shirt and jeans that are fairly uncomfortable considering the 90 degree weather. This attire is the respectable choice, other than the traditional burqa that is custom in the city of Jakarta, Indonesia. I grab my camera and notebook and look out into the endless fields….

Photo: Nikki Freyermuth
Sekai’s Story
“What are you drawing?” I ask the little girl sitting next to me, using the bamboo porch as a makeshift table.The OML and Energizer teams sit around in the brisk and humid Indonesian air with a few local families. It is only around 7:30pm, but the sky is completely dark. The only source of light is from the lantern we distributed earlier in the day, which is set directly in front of her, illuminating the dog-eared notebook she is purposefully scribbling in….