Nepal Relief

April 26, 2015

gham-power-logoOne Million Lights and Gham Power are working together, putting solar microgrids in Nepal.  These
druk-amitabha-072-1024x576projects have been in the works for many months with an install estimate of early June.  With the devastating earthquake that hit on April 25, Gham Power and its partners are doing everything they can to get solar into the area sooner.  They have supplies already on the ground, but they need funding to help complete the projects.   One Million Lights will also be sending individual solar lights to Nepal in the next week or two in supply containers being sent out of San Francisco.  Your donation today will help bring light individuals, relief workers, and others that have been affecting greatly by this catastrophe.  Please donate today!

 More specifics on the projects will be coming out in the next few days.

About Gham Power:

Gham Power Nepal Private Limited provides solar PV systems and microgrids in developing countries like Nepal. Our PV systems provide backup power to homes and small businesses. Our Business Microgrid adds solar to existing diesel generators at hospitals, factories and businesses, substantially reducing fuel consumption and backup power costs. Our Community Microgrid pre-integrates solar with basic community applications in rural areas, like communication, healthcare, and mobile banking, and helps local revenue generation.