Liberia Project

DSC03288March 2016

By: Nehmah Yeanay

We are very happy to present this report on the distribution of the lights sent to us. We distributed 500 lights to the Gbugbaye Public School (66-pieces), Med Farsue Public school (166-pieces), Gaynimah Public school (125-pieces) and  the Eric Scott United Methodist School (143-pieces). In all the schools, only school children who were present or available in the community were served; that is why you will see some children in color clothes. No teacher was served.

DSC03306On the overall, the initial impact in profoundly great. I was very excited during the distribution at the three sites, but my most memorable scene is the one at Med Farsue Public School where school children abandoned their school meal for the lights. Some even decided to give out their meal in excitement and it is important to note that for some of these children, the school meal is either their first for the day or the very first and last!

This is not just exciting, but very fulfilling for me as a person who grew up in rural Liberia and experienced the kind of life most of these children now live. Once again we are very grateful for this opportunity and we are assuring you that all your donations will reach the targeted beneficiaries.

***This is an ongoing project, we would love your support to bring more lights there!***


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