A Brighter Future for La Laguna, Honduras

Since 1989 New York/Help has traveled to the remote Indian village of La Laguna, in the Yoro Mountains of Honduras. 6Z6A0707-Edit-2Working with the elders, various projects have been developed for the 12 tribal villages in the province. These villages are spread throughout the mountainous area reached by foot, horse or donkey for most families. The organization’s central project is maintaining the only health clinic for the community that fortunately has electricity from solar panels installed a number of years ago. Most of the villages do not have electricity and rely on candles, kerosene lanterns or fires. The days are short as one rises with the sun and retires with the sun unless you are fortunate enough to have a bit extra to purchase the candles or fuel for a lamp.

In January of this year, we gave 15 lights to some of the poorest families as a pilot project. It was such a delight to see the lamps glowing in the evening. The use of these lights in combination with our project to assist building fuel-efficient well-vented stoves will alleviate some of the breathing problems experienced both by the children and adults.

6Z6A2779-Edit with copwWe also have been assisting the villages in their own project to build schools for their children as they recognize the importance of education. Light in the homes will give more time in a day for the children to study.

New York/ Help returns to this area with a small team twice a year to assist the elders as they work to maintain the health clinic and to create a better environment for the future of their communities. The medical team will be traveling to La Laguna in July. Can you help us brighten the future of the families in this rural area of Honduras as they strive to care for and educate their families? They would be grateful for any donation you could make toward this goal.