Arusha, Tanzania Distribution

March 15, 2017IMG_20170108_085515

by: Ann Teberg

These precious solar lights bring light to these families and a smile to their faces. Traveling with Education students from Whitworth University, we were able to deliver 250 lights to families helping them replace dangerous kerosene lamps and candles in their homes. We distributed Sunking PICO lights to families who live outside of Arusha, Tanzania, near Singida, Moshono, and other areas off the
grid for electricity.

While we were in town, we were introduced to more families living without electricity and so appreciative to receive these lights. The adults were sitting IMG_7107outside working on their beadwork to sell in the market. The children were excited to see the new lights and play some games with us.

We were also able to deliver 50 Sunking Pro lights with a larger solar panels and larger lights to similarly appreciative families.

Without the help of these gifts of light, these families would not be able to benefit from the quality time after dark when they can work on homework with the children and other family needs.IMG_7110 They would have to spend hard earned money for kerosene for lanterns, or batteries for flashlights. They would be using what little electricity they had, when it was available, for other important needs such as refrigeration and cooking. It was a true pleasure to share these lights with the families. They were so proud to have been able to benefit from such a gift. They were in awe that others would care enough to provide these lights for them; lights they needed very much. The gift of solar, renewable energy will be treasured by these families for years to come.

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