Dr. Arun Jhaveri joins One Million Lights as Executive Advisor

One Million Lights is honored to have Dr. Jhaveri on our team; His energy expertise and dedication to greening our world will be welcome additions

Palo Alto, CA, November 30, 2009 – One Million Lights welcomes Dr. Arun Jhaveri onto its Executive Advisory Board. Jhaveri’s knowledge of the energy efficiency and renewable energy industries will help One Million Lights create holistic programs that serve the needs of rural developing regions living without electricity while also working towards clean and efficient energy solutions. He is spreading the message of One Million Lights with energy policy decision makers in the US and abroad.

Jhaveri is an active advisor to the Federal government on energy policy and recently co-authored “Carbon Reduction: Policies, Strategies and Technologies” (Fairmont Press, Georgia) with long time colleague and fellow engineer, Dr. Stephen Roosa. Jhaveri says it “is my first formal book. It is something I believe in.”

Two recent CleanTech projects of Jhaveri’s included comprehensive plans to green both the Los Angeles Unified School District, the second largest school district in the country, and the Mirage Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas.

Jhaveri was “invited by the Alliance to Save Energy, based in Washington, D.C., to speak [in April 2009] in Paris, France, at the Energy Efficiency Global Conference.” He spoke to and met “energy and environment experts from all over the world.” Jhaveri noted it was “quite an honor and a privilege for me”.

Jhaveri says his decision to join One Million Lights’ board of executive advisors “has to do with finding a real leader, who has Vision, Integrity, and Passion. I believe, these three skills are essential to succeed today and One Million Lights shows great promise.”

Anna Sidana, One Million Lights’ founder and CEO, is “thrilled to have someone of Arun’s caliber on our board of advisors. He brings depth of knowledge and contacts that are invaluable to us.”

Jhaveri is a multifaceted individual, to say the least. Originally, from Mumbai, Jhaveri is based in Seattle, WA. He has served as mayor of Burien, a small town in WA, he consults for cities, and large organizations on using renewable energy, he advises the Obama Administration on energy policy, he just completed a book, and he swims every day to stay in shape.

About Dr. Arun Jhaveri

Dr. Arun Jhaveri has over 35 years of professional engineering, public service, advisory, consulting, and technology work experience in both the public and private sectors, here in the United States and abroad. He served as regional technology manager for the Federal Energy Management Program of the U. S. Department of Energy from 1991 to 2006. Prior to that, Dr. Jhaveri was the first mayor of the City of Burien, Washington. As such, he helped develop the first City Comprehensive Plan that included energy efficiency, economic development, recycling, sustainable development, pollution prevention, and climate change.

Dr. Jhaveri completed his Doctorate in Educational Leadership at the Seattle University, received a BS degree in Engineering Physics from the University of Washington, and a BS degree from India.