Become a Global Ambassador of Light

An excited little girl in India with her new solar light

Change Lives with Light on your next trip abroad!

One Million Lights believes that light is as fundamental as food, water, and shelter. We are focused on distributing solar lights to individuals in the developing world to improve education, health, and the environment. With our Global Ambassador Program we have an opportunity for you to get involved.

With our Program, you now have an opportunity to change the lives of children and adults living without electricity. You will be at the forefront of One Million Lights’ distribution efforts.

Through our donor-meets-recipients model, One Million Lights has revolutionized development work, bringing you an opportunity to be on the ground in a developing region. Our Ambassadors can personally hand individuals and households the gift of rechargeable, environmentally friendly, solar lights to improve their living conditions and reduce the use of harmful lighting alternatives.

Young boy in Cambodia charging up his newBoGo light

One Million Lights will match lights purchased by our Global Ambassadors fundraising. Your efforts will increase distributions and transform the lives of a rural community overnight.

Become a Global Ambassador today and light your world!

For more information on the Global Ambassador Program please contact:
Sadaf Minapara, GA Program Coordinator

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