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Making waves, turning the tide on poverty

The Elfenworks Foundation supports One Million Lights in addressing poverty

Elfenworks is here to help, with resources for individuals and organizations dedicated to fighting poverty, especially as it relates to children in our own schools, where students are so rarely in a position to experience the joy of giving. The Elfenworks Foundation is proud to be joining One Million Lights in its latest initiative: a school-based program that will give students the tools and the opportunity to recognize the enormous impact their efforts can make. “By empowering students to act in compassion, we hope to open windows of the mind to futures yet undreamed,” said Lauren Speeth, founding CEO of Elfenworks. “Working together, we can, we will, and we must turn back the rising tide of poverty and inequality here and abroad.”

“We are deeply honored to receive support from The Elfenworks Foundation. We look forward to working with them to engage our children, particularly those in the inner city, in a program of empowerment and giving, which is likely unique in their experience.” said Anna Sidana, Founder and CEO of One Million Lights, “And the comparison of their own problems with those of the children they are uplifting will help them gain a perspective and resiliency that may also be of benefit.”

How we’re working together…

To Elfenworks, this group effort is an excellent example of intelligent compassion in action. The Elfenworks Foundation in partnership with One Million Lights will work together to create a service-learning and youth-empowerment program for schools with a vision for change. Students will increase both confidence and self-worth by participating in the One Million Lights program. And, by enhancing concern for others, examining their life purpose, and acting in generosity as ‘givers,’ they will define themselves differently than before their participation in the program. They will better understand their level of wealth as compared to the world’s poorest children, who often go without potable water and light.

One Million Lights is committed to increasing awareness of middle and high school students as it relates to global poverty and socio-economic and environmental issues. One Million Lights is creating a curriculum to address these topics in local schools. The curriculum will be based on first-hand knowledge about rural poverty from the distribution of lights and field excursions in India, Kenya, South Africa, and Peru. This will give students real data to work with and create a more interactive learning community, improving the overall quality of education for students. Local students will be empowered by participating in fund-raising activities and connecting with the receiving community. They will learn how a simple thing such as a single light can help people around the world improve their lives, how these people can get a better education, and emerge from the cycle of poverty.

About The Elfenworks Foundation

The Elfenworks Foundation’s multi-faceted, creative and hard-working team of technology advocates, social entrepreneurs and advisors uses expertise in communications, computers, film, music, the law, finance, and business administration to heal, empower, and transform. They analyze what’s broken, find solutions, remove obstacles, raise awareness, forge alliances, and support the efforts of visionary change-makers. In this way they work in harmony towards the shared goal of positive, measurable and sustainable transformative change. They maintain a primarily domestic focus in the USA. Their motto is to, “Help one, help many, start a ripple, and never underestimate your power to effect change!”