Intuit Brings Light to Students — India

Intuit employees deliver 51 lights to students in BR Hills, India

This summer, One Million Lights teamed up with the Intuit  Sustainability program to distribute 51 solar lights to students in India.  In an impressive show of dedication, 19 Intuit employees individually signed up to help with the project, by carrying & delivering lights to our partner in India.

“It is an honor to provide this assistance to your work on behalf of our company,” writes Bruce Hartsough, an Intuit project leader.

Students use the lights to read and study at night.

VGKK, our Indian Partner,  is an organization that promotes sustainable development of marginalized tribal people and helps to improve health, education, livelihood security and biodiversity conservation.  The 51 lights donated by Intuit were distributed to high school students in the BR Hills outside of Bangalore.

“The solar lights are of great help… the lights have electrified families in remote interior hamlets of the forest where there is no clue of electricity. This has brought lights into hundreds of people who have been in dark for decades,” writes Mathew Mani, program coordinator for VGKK.  “Thank you for your help & support which is very much appreciated.”