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The need for light in Ethiopia is great. About ninety-nine percent of the population in rural areas does not have access to electricity. With the sun setting around 6-7 pm on a regular basis, the people have difficulty continuing their work or their studies after sunset. The children, who cannot study during the day, as they are helping to contribute to their families’ income, only have time to study at night. Without access to electricity, families turn to kerosene lights to provide light after nightfall. Kerosene is not only environmentally unfriendly and very expensive, but can increase the risk of health issues for each of the members of the family. By distributing Energizer solar-powered lights, One Million Lights and Energizer will be able to assist children in their studies as well as saving families money that can be used for other necessities, such as food or medications.

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Grace Centre for Children and Families
Grace Children’s Centre aims to work together with families to provide a means of improving the lives of their children. This will mean that these children will be given the opportunity to grow up into people who can change their world in a positive way with a hope and vision for the future.