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Located in East Africa, Kenya is home to forty-one million people. While Kenya’s capital city, Nairobi is a major commercial hub, there are approximately fifteen million people in rural areas that are living in poverty. Before the eighth year of school, thousands of children drop out of school due to low scores and extenuating factors such as acute shortage of teachers, AIDS, famine from drought, floods, and political unrest and clamor for constitution reform.

Kenya’s need for light is great. Farmers will be able to work into the night in their fields, allowing them to increase profits. Children will be able to study at night and continue their education after long days spent working in the fields. By Energizer distributing solar-powered lights, Energizer and One Million Lights will be empowering people to change their lives forever.

See the photo album and watch the video from the Kenya April 2012 distribution!

Personal Stories from Kenya:

Namunyak and Nasikeu describe their lives in Kenya
Two friends in Kenya describe their lives and wishes for the future. Namunyak walks to school each morning for an hour, from her traditional thatched home. Her father was killed in an incident associated with his drinking so she lives only with her mother. She has one brother who is 10, and one sister, 8. Her mother does farm work to support the family.
Loventer can study at night too, now.
Loventer lives with her mother and 4 siblings in a timber house with a tin roof. Her Father passed away in intertribal conflict during the violence in 2009. Her Mother now farms the land herself, but it barely supports them. They have no electricity, and get water from a small river about 1km away from their house.
Alice worries about affording her education in Kenya
Alice lives with her mother in a traditional hut, 4km from school. She attends school six days a week, leaving her house at 6:30am and not returning home until 5:30pm in the evening. Her favorite subjects at school are math and Kiswahili. She does not like her English class because it’s obvious her teacher doesn’t like coming to the remote rural school. Alice’s dream is to become a police officer.
Partners in the field
American African Nuru Foundation
Our mission is to help and accelerate health, education, and access technology to the needy as an American African focus.
Compassion International – Releasing children from Poverty

Compassion International exists as a child advocacy group that releases children from economic, social and physical poverty and enables them to become responsible, fulfilled adults. Compassion helps more than 1.2 million children in 26 countries.

Crutches 4 Africa – Mobility – Health – Dignity – Access

Our purpose is to provide basic human rights, mobility, to those who have little hope.