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Why The Philippines?

Widespread poverty is the single most important challenge facing the Philippines. About 80% of the country’s poor live in rural areas, which are located deep in the mountains and the rice fields. Most of these areas do not have electricity and depend on dangerous toxic fumes of kerosene lanterns. The major cause of poverty in these areas is decline in productivity and profitability of farming. In addition, these areas have high illiteracy rates because children are forced to drop out of school and work in the fields. Having children around to help means more income for the family.

By giving Energizer solar-powered lights to these communities we are providing a sustainable solution to the lack of electricity. The lights will also give the children the opportunity to continue their studies at night and prevent inhalation of toxic fumes that are so potent.

Personal Stories from the Philippines:

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Caritas International – Empowering the poor and giving priority to those no one else serves.

Caritas addresses the present situation of disadvantaged groups such as urban poor women and children. At the same time, Caritas is involved in national and even global issues such as AIDS pandemic and that of the environment. Caritas’ dedicated service has manifested itself in the hundreds of families who have been able to sustain their daily needs, afford education for their children, and have been given opportunities for employment. Its success in helping people towards self-reliance has been an encouragement to continue its commitment to help build lives again.