Rebuilding the Philippines

The Philippines struggles to rebuild after Typhoon Washi.
One Million Lights provides 300 lights for the victims of this disaster.

In December, Typhoon Washi swept through the Philippines, claiming two cities in northern Mindanao, and more than 1,200 lives. Flash floods and mudslides washed away entire homes, with residents still inside. On the morning of December 18, the people of Cagayan De Oro found only mud and debris where their villages once stood. 10,000 homes were destroyed, and 60,000 Filipinos were homeless.

Following the typhoon, One Million Lights partnered with disaster relief organizations to send aid. Our team of Philippines ambassadors donated 300 solar lights, which were delivered in January through organization SURE (Solutions Using Renewable Energy) in addition to hundreds of other lights, tents, and water filtration systems.

As aid requests in the Philippines continue to rise, One Million Lights is proud to have lent a hand.  In the crowded evacuation centers, One Million Lights frees a few typhoon victims from the darkness.

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