Global Ambassador Pallavi’s Project

April 30, 2012
Ambassador Pallavi is twelve years old and a student at Lawson Middle School, in Cupertino, California, USA. She is passionate about helping her community in Karnataka, India in transitioning from kerosene lanterns to solar LED lights.

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This summer Pallavi plans on fundraising for 100 lights for a distribution in the village of Agara, located 200 miles outside of Bangalore. Agara has a population of about 3,000 people with an irregular and unreliable supply of electricity. Pallavi would like to distribute the lights to the students in the village so that they are able to study in the evenings with clean illumination in the form of a solar light.

“I want to help the environment and stop people from using the harmful kerosene lamps…I am looking forward to this trip, and I am glad I can help students use solar lights instead of kerosene and other harmful sources for light.”

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