Kenyan Farmers

Lights up a farmer’s home — Need: $7,500 / Solar lights: 500

One Million Lights partners with One Acre Fund to provide clean safe lights to farmers in Kenya. There is a growing food shortage in Africa, light will help farmers produce more, and help farming children get a better education.



Clinics in Rural Areas — Need: $1,400 / Solar Lights: 50

Learn More About It: We’ve partnered with WE CARE Solar to equip hospital staff in rural, non-electrified Nigeria with personal solar lights. The pediatric nurse hooked the solar light onto the mosquito net in the ward and the light enabled her to see the medications to quickly provide the care that was needed for each child. News immediately traveled through the hospital, and soon I was besieged by requests for lights from One Million lights. WE CARE Solar will be returning to the hospital armed with more solar lights. Help Laura bring more lights to Nigeria and other regions of the world!



School in Tanzania — Need: $1,000 / Solar Lights: 50

Learn More About It: The School Fund and One Million Lights are teaming up to send solar lights to students in Tanzania. Our goal is to send 50 solar lights this year to the students at Lugalo Secondary School near Iringa, Tanzania and every year until each of the more than 650 students has a clean, safe light.

These students struggle every year to afford the fees required for their supplies, instruction, books, food, uniform, and exams. It’s only about $150 per year. But, for them…