Gunn and Palo Alto High Schools in Palo Alto, CA

Palo Alto High Schools use their Rivalry for Good

Paly and Gunn compete for the title of “One Million Lights Challenger Winner”

Five students and volunteers for One Million Lights decided to challenge each other to see which Palo Alto High School could raise more money to send solar lights to students living without access to clean, safe light in The Philippines. Check out the project here, you can even donate a light to help them out!

Gunn High School Junior, Sierra Fan, has spent the past 2 years working with her green-focused student club, One Billion Bulbs, to raise awareness of the need for energy efficient CFLs where elctricity is available, like in the US, and solar lights in rural, developing regions of the world, like rural parts of The Philippines. Her club visits neighborhoods all over Palo Alto giving out CFL bulbs for free. Contributions are welcome and go straight to the operations of her club and to this solar light project in The Philippines.

Paly students and siblings, Kuran (Junior) and Nikki (Freshman) Freyermuth, as well as Andre (Junior) and Stefan (Sophomore) Gouyet, are organizing local restaurants to host One Million Lights days where a portion of their proceeds for that day go to One Million Lgihts projects.

The 2 schools plan to formally face-off this basketball season. Beginning with the Jan 21 Paly v Gunn basketball games hosted at Paly and ending with the follow up games hosted at Gunn. Support your favorite school by donating a solar light in their honor today!