Guatemala: Light Up A Child’s Future

In August 2011, four Bay Area teenagers traveled to Guatemala, a nation never before visited by One Million Lights ambassadors. Andre Gouyet and Stefan Gouyet of Palo Alto, as well as Andre Caceros and Ferlandy Caceros of Milpitas, distributed solar powered lights and clothing to rural Guatemala villages.

All of the households that benefited from this trip were dependent on kerosene, pricey candles, or had no light source whatsoever. By distributing solar powered lights, the four ambassadors helped to provide opportunities for working, learning, and better living.

Reflections from our Guatemala ambassadors:

“We distributed a batch of lights to the remote community of Lanquín by meeting twelve appreciative village women. We presented the lights in English. Our words were translated into Spanish by our guide. Her words were then relayed by one of the women to her peers in the Q’eqchi dialect. The women conveyed their thanks by shaking our hands, posing for pictures, and presenting us with some freshly cut pineapple and chilled cocoa water.

While in Guatemala, we had some amazing times, from climbing up the steps of Mayan temples and exploring half-submerged caves to conversing with the friendly locals and experiencing their culture. We enjoyed being One Million Lights ambassadors on this great trip and look forward to our next adventure.”

- Andre G., Stefan G., Andre C., and Ferlandy C.

One Million Lights would like to thank Mary & Dudley Cole, Cheryl & Eric Howell, Sally & Reed Howlett, and Lenore Gouyet for their generous donations!


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