Energizer and One Million Lights

One Million Lights and Energizer have been partners since 2011 raising awareness for the need for safe and healthy lighting around the world. Through the Energizer Night Race for a Brighter World – a series of night races taking place across the globe – Energizer pledged 11 million hours of solar light in 2011, 12 million in 2012, 13 million in 2013 and is happy to announce that they will be pledging 14 million hours of solar light in 2014.

Energizer and One Million Lights are working together to distribute the lights in rural villages that are off the electric grid in five regions: Latin America, Ethiopia, South Africa, Indonesia and the Philippines. Each distribution is overseen by a One Million Lights representative or a trusted local partner. The recipients’ need is based on existing knowledge and research of locations and communities – villages and schools.

See how Energizer and One Million Lights are benefiting communities around the globe through the Energizer Night Races for a Brighter World:



South Africa


Recent News from the field

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