Lighting the way

This article published in from Singapore.

A night jungle race proves to be an ideal showcase for Energizer’s That’s Positivenergy campaign

by Elisabeth Lee
04:45 AM May 02, 2012

Energizer Singapore Night Trail 2012. PHOTO COURTESY PINK APPLE

SINGAPORE – Spending Saturday night running through the thick jungles of Mandai is probably not the most exciting way to enjoy your weekend, but 3,621 runners would beg to differ.

With only an Energizer-powered headlamp to guide their way, participants in the Energizer Singapore Night Trail 2012 slogged their way through some challenging jungle tracks and a tough obstacle course. Runners across the 6km, 12km and 18km categories had to keep their footing on the loose gravel downhill trails and maintain momentum along the steep uphill stretches – one portion of the trail included a seemingly-vertical stretch that required participants to scramble up a sandy slope.

The Energizer Singapore Night Trail, now in its second edition, saw 1,000 more participants this year. Energizer Singapore product manager Tricia Ong said: “This year, the race is tougher, with longer distance categories and a 3km obstacle course that is tougher, hillier, dirtier. Lots more fun for everyone taking part.”

Energizer Singapore general manager Stephen Minardi said: “We have had a fantastic turnout today and the weather has been kind to us. The people I’ve spoken to have been very positive about their experience and I had a great time taking part in the 6km category.”

This unique event was a marketing coup for Energizer. The provider of innovative power solutions highlighted its Positive Energy consumer campaign through the Night Trail races. Ms Ong explained: “Using the tagline, ‘Energizer Night Trail, race for a brighter world, That’s Positivenergy’, Energizer believes that everyone has the power to make a positive impact to the world around them.”

Before the event, Energizer launched a Facebook competition to find the best positive energy quotes and to promote awareness of the That’s Positivenergy campaign. Winning quotes included “That’s Positivenergy is making sure people aren’t left in the dark even though it’s daylight out there” and “That’s Positivenergy is giving life to everything around me”.

Energizer Singapore Night Trail 2012. PHOTO COURTESY PINK APPLE

Energizer also supports the One Million Lights charity organisation, which aims to help end rural communities’ dependence on kerosene and replace it with safe, clean solar lighting. Energizer has pledged to donate 12,000,000 hours of lights this year to impoverished communities in order to help the less fortunate break through the cycle of poverty by providing them with a healthy environment to study and work.

In Singapore, the official charity for the Energizer Singapore Night Trail 2012 was the Singapore Disability Sports Council (SDSC). Energizer raised over S$7,000 from a donation from participants’ registration fees plus the proceeds from the event carnival treasure hunt.

Mr Minardi said: “We are delighted to be able to give more support to SDSC this year. I hope this event will continue to grow in the years to come so we can continue to support them and give our participants many more opportunities to enjoy this unique experience.”

Added Ms Ong: “We see a good fit between the cause of SDSC and our night trail, and we want to do our part to support them. This is Energizer’s way of embracing everyone in our society regardless of their abilities. Now That’s Positivenergy!”