Students for Solar light up Haiti

January 2013 — William Lee represented North Carolina State University’s Students for Solar and One Million Lights in bringing 50 lights to rural schools in Terrier Rouge, northern Haiti.

With special coordination and thanks to Pastor Noel and the other local Baptist ministers, the lanterns were able to reach four schools in need.

Students from Terrier Rouge secondary school.

The Terrier Rouge Secondary School often has classes that run well into the evening when natural sunlight has left many students and teachers in the dark. With 8 classrooms Pastor Mark must keep classroom curricula limited during these times as students find it hard to learn and communicate with poor lighting and limited resources. A total of 25 lanterns were given to the school to help each classroom provide the adequate lighting needed to continue learning well into the night. Special thanks go out to Pastor Mark and the students listed here: Waston Georges, Yveneld Methelus, Ronei Ciervil, Jeempson Alonad, Geempson Saincy, Loulouse Jean, Junior Saint-Preux, and Pastor Mark.

The second school to receive 10 d.light S1 solar lanterns was the Danda Baptist School northeast of Terrier Rouge. This small school on the rural outskirts was principled by Pastor Elima and had enrollment of nearly 150 students.

The third school we visited was in the bay town of Phaeton, across the bay from Fort Liberty,and was principled by Pastor Cary. The primary school held only 4 classrooms and had over 150 students. During our demonstration, the students were in shock seeing the d.light S1 in action!

The final stop on our Haitian adventure was the small mountain village of Ouvray located to the south of Terrier Rouge. This school housed around 100 students and was principled by Pastor Ronald and Deacon De. The school received 5 solar lanterns and made a point to thank Students for Solar and One Million Lights for their generous contribution to their community.

Thanks to all those involved in the making these dreams of clean lighting in Haiti a reality, and special thanks goes out to Isely and Maggie Noel for all their help along the way.

Principal Pastor Elima, of Danda Baptist School, receives solar lights for the students.

A solar light lights up a blackboard in Haiti.


Pastor Cary demonstrates the solar lights to a class.

Students learn how to use their new solar lights.




The two principals of a small school, Pastor Ronald and Deacon De, welcome William Lee, in the mountain village of Ourvay, Haiti.



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