SunPower and One Million Students Summer Solar Camps

This summer, One Million Students and SunPower Corporation launched a full program of camps across the state of California to teach about the power and efficacy of solar technology. A team of One Million Student volunteers (Isabel Obrien, Alex Carter, Kuran Freyermuth, and Natasha Allen) worked to design and refine lessons and are working to assemble a set of solar kits to be used for SunPower’s education programs. Topics highlighted in the program include measuring and maximizing solar panel output and how solar technology can benefit the developing world. The new solar kits include custom-manufactured SunPower panels, multimeters, wires, and accessories in order to construct circuits that can measure and assess the efficiency and output of panels. This lesson, as well as others, is designed to help students gain greater insight into the technical concepts behind solar technology, its benefits, and how to use it for the greater good.

The sessions held over the course of the past few months have successfully fulfilled the goals of the program. Given the achievements and growth of One Million Students, we hope to expand its reach in collaboration with SunPower. The new set of solar lab-kits that are designed for greater use and durability to accommodate these goals. With 50 new kits assembled and ready to be transported next year, SunPower and OMS plan to host education camps around the United States. The partnership between SunPower Corporation and One Million Lights continues to foster an appreciation and awareness of the power of solar technology.