Energizer Electrifies 6 Villages with 1200 Solar LED Lights

Posted: 08.23.2013 11:48 – By Dian Ihsan Siregar
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Liputan6.com, Jakarta : PT Energizer Indonesia donated 1,200 solar LED lights to 6 villages in West Java to help areas that are still experiencing power limitations.

In the early stages, 300 light given to the village of Suka Bakti Tambelang, Bekasi. While 4 other villages, namely Desa Suka Wijaya, Desa Suka Maju, Desa Suka Rahayu, Desa Jaya Sukarapi and Coat village. Total to be awarded 1,200 solar LED lights, which can be enjoyed its use for 4,800 residents.

Manufacturing Director PT Energizer Indonesia Vicky T Mahmud said the plan is a real positive contribution and assistance in the form of alternative lighting solutions that are safe and healthy rural communities in several cities in Indonesia.

“The availability of electricity to vital human needs in daily life. To that end, we want to help people especially in the rural. In this way, the houses of Keburuhan can be lit at night,” said Vicky, Friday (08/23/2013).

Solar Light Power Distribution Program is one of the CSR program undertaken by the company batteris & Personal Care Products Worldwide Energizer Holdings Inc., to help people who have limited power in several countries in cooperation with nonprofit One Million Lights (OML).

In helping the program ‘Solar Light Power Distribution’, PT Energizer Indonesia took OML and nonprofits Indonesia Indonesian Forum for the Environment (WALHI) with a real contribution to provide assistance to the people of rural Indonesia, which begins near the area which is located on the outskirts of the capital Jakarta still has limited power.

In Indonesia is still a lot of electricity isolated areas where people have not connected and have power, especially the suburbs and outskirts. There is no electricity in remote areas, due to poor infrastructure and difficult access.

Power limitations in helping communities in rural areas, there must be an alternative way, such as lighting in the form of solar lights (battery light) or kerosene lamps (oil lamps).

Meanwhile, representative of OML, Sierra Fan, said, the program is very good given to remote communities. Providing solar LED lights will certainly help the rural community.

By providing a safe and healthy light, indirectly reduce the risks that may be experienced by rural communities resulting from the use of oil lamps while preserving the environment from the dangers of carbon emissions.

Director of WALHI Ubaidullah added, WALHI that concern the environment, of course, support the PT’s commitment in providing the Energizer Indonesia ‘Solar Light Power Distribution Program.

“We appreciate the concern in Indonesia PT Energizer in lighting for rural communities, which also provides education about safe and healthy use of the lights,” said Ubaidullah. (Dis / Nur)