Round 2, Terrier Rouge Secondary School, Haiti

Students For Solar’s global ambassador In January 2013, Students For Solar’s global ambassador William Lee concluded the first round of an ongoing project with the people of Terrier Rouge, Haiti. After a successful distribution of 50 S1 d.lights to primary and secondary schools in several communities around Terrier Rouge, the Students For Solar team is looking to tackle the next issue, it’s time to up the ante!

The secondary school in Terrier Rouge has no reliable lighting, only a diesel generator for special occasions. Students at the school attend classes typically several hours into the evening with classes ending around 7 even 8 o’clock at night. The secondary school is the last chance for these teenage students to make something for themselves and achieve the goal of getting into college and continuing their education. Lighting is a major issue that teachers express makes a huge difference in how they are able to teach the curricula as classes come to an end each day. Teachers are not able to effectively deliver lesson plans for the subjects that are left for the end of day as no one is able to see the board or read their textbooks. School in Terrier RougeFinishing strong plays a large role in education and developing young minds to see things through until the job is done, teaching the students an important life lesson on their way to achieving their goals. Without adequate lighting this sense of completion at the end of each school day can be harmful to an educational environment, letting students postpone their goals and accomplishments for another day, which in these communities can lead to compliancy and an overall apathy towards the benefits of a secondary school education, and a resistance to the greater goal of going to college.

Lead this year by NC State student and Students For Solar’s Outreach Chair Jacob Seyle, the Students For Solar Round 2 Project is looking to raise funds for 8 of the D.Light S300 to light the 8 classrooms within the school building. These lights will provide each teacher an abundance of light which can be recharged during the day and used for the evening lesson plans. A direct donation to the school and the teachers will insure the responsible handling of the lights and protection against theft.

Help Students For Solar and the students in Terrier Rouge by donating to the Students For Solar Round 2 Project today!

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