Lights for Learning- Selva Negra, Nicaragua

October 2014

Education is fundamental to a happy healthy life. Many schools in developing nations lack a reliable source of electricity, hindering the education of the children that depend on them. A group of students from North Carolina are devoting their time and energy to helping a community in need. They will be traveling to Selva Negra, Nicaragua in order to install solar powered lighting systems in three neighboring schools while also handing out one hundred or more solar lanterns in order to replace the wasteful, carbon-emitting kerosene lanterns that are currently being used. Each solar light costs around  $15 and the systems roughly cost $600 each, their goal is 100 lights and three systems totaling to $3300.

The group of eight college students will be leaving  North Carolina on December 16th, 2014 and on their way to change lives. Selva Negra Ecolodge and Coffee Estate will provide food and a place to rest their heads. They will spend one week traveling the area giving the gift of light to three different schools and the children that attend them. The group consists of Josh Krasnigor, Devin Brenton, Bryan Janiczek, Nick Neary, Aaron Gagnier, Alec Castillo, and Shaun Couture.

Will Lee, a board member of Selva Negra Community Foundation, has been a great help in coordinating this project
between Josh Krasnigor, a NC State Engineering Student that is managing this project, and the Selva Negra community. He can be seen holding a solar lantern in Selva Negra in the picture to the left. Help us help this community in need. As the infamous Gandhi quote goes, “be the change that you wish to see in the world.”  Please consider donating to this project today.