Bringing Reliable Light to Kishen Garh

November 15, 2014

In December, Global Ambassadors Kirpa and Alison plan to travel to a village in Punjab called Kishen Garh. Electricity in Kishen Garh is extremely erratic, and having solar lanterns on hand will help the village continue to prosper. While visiting Kirpa and Alison will spend some time educating the people there about solar energy and technology and how solar can be used to supplement the electricity they do have.

Many people die each year from exposure to solid fuels and kerosene fumes. Solar lights do not produce a poisonous gas as a byproduct. By switching to solar lights families can reduce their reliance on kerosene and offset the cost of such a dangerous and expensive energy source. Additionally, people without access to light are forced to live out shorter days, restricted by the setting of the sun. Solar lights will allow students to study or read later into the day. The solar lights will allow adults to lengthen their days as well. For example shopkeepers can keep their stores open for a little longer increasing the income of the family. Craftsmen can continue creating well after the sun sets, increasing their inventory and eventually their income.

Solar lights alleviate quite a few of the hardships of living in a developing nation. The distribution of lights will bring happiness and relief to the people of Kishangarh. The goal is to bring 50 lights to this village. Please consider donating today to help.