Light The Way- Make a Difference

photoMay 2015 – Improve Health, Increase Safety, Reduce Pollution and Save Money…Solar energy can make a difference in the livesof billions of people worldwide who have limited or no access to electricity.  Small villages in Costa Rica have limited access to energy and have to rely on the more costly alternatives including kerosene for light in their homes and community gathering places.  The goal is to provide a minimum of 40 solar lights to El Sur and continue to support the villager’s needs.

In cooperation with Globe Aware, this project will provide solar lights to the families, school and community.  Why? Because together we can make a difference in the life of one person, one family, one community at a time.  How will solar lights make a difference?  Solar lighting has the potential to save families money, reduce injuries and health issues, and decrease pollution because it reduces reliance on kerosene.   The power of the sun is one of our greatest natural resources that when tapped has the potential to decrease poverty throughout the world.

The project is an Independent Study project and will reach out to schools in Cleveland to educate students about energy poverty and the impact worldwide, the importance of solar energy and identify opportunities to get involved.

Please donate to this project to make a difference today.