South Africa

In July and August 2014, One Million Lights and Energizer distributed  7,000 solar lights to children in the communities of Gauteng and KwaZulu-Natal in South Africa.  This project was our largest distribution to date and was the first one in South Africa for One Million Lights.



Meg’s Story:  Meg says, “To sum up the three and a half weeks I spent on the ground in South Africa with One Million Lights I’d say it was magical.”  While distributing lights she met lots of kids and their families….
“With a permanent smile on her face, Nomvelo told us what getting this light meant to her, how grateful she was to have been given one, how hard she can study now, how thankful she was for us, how thankful she was for someone believing in her. She said the light represented hope, and that hope is life. I was moved to tears by her strength, optimism and unwavering ambition. “I want to be a social worker,” Nomvelo said. “I want to help people like me the way you have helped me.”

Video from the Distribution

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