Lighting up Kunnur

January, 2015

In India, approximately 87.7% of households in rural areas do not have access to any modern sources of energy. Included in thispicis the small village of Kunnur located in Watrap Taluk, in the Virudhunagar District of Tamil Nadu State, India. The lack of power in rural villages has a big impact upon education and safety.

The need for solar lights can be further proven by several similar incidents in villages all over India. A little boy in the village of Kunnur was recently bit by a snake because he was having trouble navigating his way to the bathroom at night. After the incident happened, it was even more challenging to find the boy and take him to the local clinic about 0.5 miles away from his house. Although the little boy did recover, everything could have gone terribly wrong. With a solar-powered light, the villagers would be able to get to the clinic faster in the case of an emergency.

In the government provided school of the village, children are forced to crowd the doorway of a dark room in order to escape the heat but still have enough light to be able to read. In the evenings, little children can be seen struggling to their homework in the light of a flickering candle. Community events, homework and even livelihood activities such as stitching and pottery can only be accomplished when there is a source of light, such as solar lamps. In addition, they can even go out in the night to protect their crops from animals without fear.

When the power is cut, the local clinic is forced to use candles and kerosene lamps in even serious medical situations. Not only are these safety hazards to start with, it does not supply enough life for efficient work on a patient. Clinics cannot operate effectively without power or refrigeration for medicines. Solar Lights will provide the villagers of Kunnur with a safe and reliable of light.  Lack of power helps explain India’s low standings on global human development rankings. All of these problems can be solved with your help; please consider donating to this project!