Lights for School Kids- Luwero District of Uganda

April 27, 2015

wakiso2 The Luwero War in the 1980s left many children orphaned and impoverished in the Luwero District of Uganda.  Vine Christian Academy is a school that is an initiative of Kampala Church of Christ to help the vulnerable and needy children of Wakiso, in the Luwero District.  Wakiso is a rural area with a lot of poverty, and the children being helped are mostly orphans or the poor who cannot afford a good education.

There are fifty-three children in the community who are being sponsored by the school.  Unfortunately, the school is in a rural area in a community in which there is no electricity.  For that reason, the wakiso5children are unable to study once the sun goes down. Global Ambassador, Taylor Brudos, and One Million Lights is organizing a distribution of solar lamps to this community so that each and every child has access to light and can study even after the sun goes down.  This will greatly help the poor children and orphans of Wakiso to get the education that they deserve.  Please consider making a donation to day to this project.wakiso4wakiso1