One Million Students at the Military and Global Leadership Academy, Charlotte, NC

April 27, 2015

IMG_5351One Million Lights got the pleasure of teaching our One Million Students program for 600 students at The Military and Global Leadership Academy at Marie G. Davis in Charlotte, North Carolina.  The lessons were led by OML Global Ambassadors, William Lee and Josh Krasignor.  The event went spectacular.  The program was custom designed for the group, so that each grade got to participate in learning about energy, the science behind solar and global application of solar.  If you want us to come to your school, please register at

Summary from MGLA:

2015 is the United Nation’s Year of Light and Light Based Technology and The Military and GlobalIMG_5344 Leadership Academy at Marie G. Davis began its celebration in March and will continue celebrating The Year of Light and Light Based Technology next school year.  Our students began learning about light and light-based technology in a school wide book study during English Language Arts classes.  The books selected focused on light and sustainability. Our students then participated in a global symposium on light and sustainability sponsored by One Million Lights.

One Million Lights is a registered nonprofit with a mission to improve the daily lives of children and adults by providing clean and healthy solar lighting. Its goal is to distribute one million solar lights and replace dangerous and polluting kerosene lamps in communities IMG_5343where people are dependent on nonrenewable and toxic fuels for their lighting needs. These solar lights enable children to study at night and adults to extend their workday, all while eliminating carbon emissions, improving household health, and greatly increasing income savings.

One Million Lights Students’ Program brings a global perspective by educating and inspiring students to make smart energy choices; helping students understand the impact of solar lighting on people living without electricity; and educating our community on solar technology and its diverse population. The Global Symposium ended with a Prismatic Laser light Show sponsored by The International Society for Optics and Photonics.  During the fall of 2015, MGLA will end its study on light and light based technology by developing a school wide service learning project that will provide light to needy children in our world.IMG_5357

For more information on One Million Lights, please visit, and