A Path of Light for Lost Childhood

April 29, 2015

By: Global Ambassador Fadwa                                                                                                          

Jordan Refugee Camp is a collapsing city of tents and sheds, a safe haven to about 100,000 Syrian Homerefugees. These individuals are looked upon as those who managed to escape the bloody dictatorship mainly consisting of women and children, alongside with whatever they could carry throughout the miles of evacuation. The camp streets now embody untold stories of civilians covered with starry glooms and light of innocence upon children faces. On a brighter outlook, today Jordan provides asylum for a large number of refugees, varying from Syria and Iraq. It has further granted refugee access to humanitarian services, such as simple health care and education in designated host communities. But when evaluating the conditions of the children there is much concern to their accessibility for sustaining a proper life style.

Bright LivesCooperating with One Million Lights, we can make immense impact by distributing around 60 solar lights to the refugee families whose children are currently attending school. As of today there is no reliable source of electricity at all times in the refugee camp area. Presently kerosene lamps are used at the site, which are detrimental to the families’ income and contributing to future health concerns. The solar lights will undoubtedly have immense effect on the educational outlook of the upcoming generation.

If you generously donate today,  you will be directly contributing to numerous students, who will now be able to do their homework once the sun sets. As it gets dark, they have no other options and the lights make an enormous difference in people’s lives. They have other potential for using them to teach children, deliver babies, and provide stable security. The Little Girlslights empower, without creating dependency. It gives them a chance to get ahead and provide learning so when they arrive home, they can attain jobs and provide for themselves. Distributing these individual lights empowers mothers, gives future hopes to children, lessens the cutting of trees for illumination, and most importantly it certainly allows for the opportunity to read children their favorite bedtime story. We appreciate your compassionate support!