Lights for Learning

 September, 2015


Down the street from the Selva Negra Coffee Estate in Matagalpa, unnamedNicaragua, rural village families live day by day without access to electricity. Without a reliable power source, the children within the village are unable to further their education during the night. This upcoming January, a group of students and young professionals from North Carolina will be changing the lives of these kids and their families by giving the gift of light.

In December 2014, the group traveled to the mountainous region of Nicaragua to improve the lives of families within the villages neighboring the Selva Negra Coffee Estate. They brought one hundred solar powered lanterns and three larger solar powered lighting systems to aid in the daily lives of these people in need. The children that received lanterns now have the ability to read, write, and learn after the sun sets with a reliable, and clean, source of light. However, there are many families still in need.

unnamed (1)After falling in love with the region and the people that call it home, the group has decided to raise the bar. They will construct five solar-powered lighting systems that will provide enough light to illuminate the entire household for 12 hours per night. Along with the permanent installations, 200+ lanterns will be distributed to neighboring households.

The wonderful owners of the Selva Negra Coffee Estate, the Kuhl Family, so generously help to make this all possible through their humanitarian efforts put forth by the Selva Negra Community Foundation, an NGO started by the family. Not only will they provide accommodations for the group distributing the lights, they will lead the group through the villages, introducing them to the families as a group member hands them lantern. The Kuhl family will also introduce the group to the teachers of the local school houses in order arrange for the distribution of lights to take place during the school day.

The group needs your help to change the lives of these families. By donating today, you will be providing a reliable, clean light source powered by the sun to improve the lives of the wonderful families residing in rural Nicaragua. Thank you for your support!

For more information regarding last year’s distribution watch the following video:

System Overview

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