Reliable Solar Light for the Nomadic Masai of Kenya

By: Jackie Ewing

Ngoswani compoundThis independent project will provide the Masai tribe in and around Ngoswani, Kenya, Africa with dependable solar lights.

Ngoswani, like many villages, has no electricity and no running water.  Light sources include burning wood, kerosene and candles.  Each of these include health and safety issues, not to mention a price.  Fire produces smoke; tiny particles which are breathed in and have long term effects.  Wood flames can spark, kerosene can spill, candles can be knocked over; all create fire hazards. 1093903_10151856103389042_1035087883_o (1) Wood must be foraged, and in the bush of Africa involves an additional health risk.  Kerosene and candles must be purchase, a cost which is a hardship to the rural poor.

In Africa, formal education is neither paid for nor required by the government.  However, Ngoswani recently opened a small school which now has about 30 students.  If their homes had solar lights, school work, art work, craft activities, and reading could be pursued after the sun goes down.  Even a trip to the latrine would be much safer. The nomadic herders could carry a light with them making any nighttime activity easier and safer.villagers and hut

My goal is to provide between 500 and 1000 solar lights which will be distributed initially in June 2016 during a 10 day mission trip, and afterward through the Ngoswani Health Center.  Please join my crusade to shine a light in darkest Africa and donate today!