Spark Opportunity – Rishikesh

February 2016


Kirpa Wirk is making a trip to Rishikesh for the 17th Annual International Yoga Festival in early March to spend some time educating people on the global applications of solar energy and technology, and how solar can be used to improve daily lives of individuals everywhere.

Electricity in Rishikesh is scarce, it is geographically tucked away in the Himalayas, many residents stay within the city boundaries due to geographical isolation. Having solar lanterns on hand will be beneficial to their overall functioning community and expansion of opportunity for its residents.

Many people each year suffer from exposure to solid fuels and kerosene fumes. Solar lights do not produce a poisonous gas as a byproduct. By switching to solar lights, families can reduce their reliance on kerosene and offset the cost of such a dangerous and expensive non-renewable energy source. Additionally, people without access to light are forced to live out shorter days, restricted by the setting of the sun. Solar lights will allow people the opportunity to explore and grow.

Solar lights alleviate quite a few of the hardships of living in a developing nation. The distribution of lights will bring happiness and relief to the people of Rishikesh. Please help Kirpa bring opportunity to this region, by donating today.