Corporate Programs

One Million Lights partners with corporations to help support our programs, and to create employee engagement. Some of these engagement opportunities are teaching solar energy to the community, participating in events like Earth Day, fundraising for a distribution project, distributing lights, or by creating a custom project that is mutually beneficial. A few of our current partnerships are:


One Million Lights and SunPower have been working together since 2010.  SunPower has donated thousands of lights to One Million Lights’ distribution projects has supported our One Million Students education program.  For One Million Students, they donated several solar panels for our solar  kits and we collaboratively designed the One Million Students’ Solar Lab and Solar Stories lesson plans.  One Million Lights have been involved with the SunPower Solar Academy for several years by providing lessons, speakers and judges.  Our most recent activity was the One Million Lights/SunPower 1st Annual Golf Tournament.  This event brought close to $25,000 to One Million Lights for our education program and to distribute lights to locations TBD.


Energizer sponsors millions of light hours a year to help distribute many thousands of lights to communities in need. During the 2013-2014 sponsorship year, Energizer and One Million Lights worked together to distribute 7,000 lights in Indonesia and in South Africa.

Silver Spring Networks

Silver Spring Networks sponsored the One Million Lights education program, One Million Students, this year. Throughout the year we engaged with Silver Spring Networks’ employees at events, and held teacher training sessions. With the help of Silver Spring Networks we were able to update all of our lesson plans and materials.

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