No respiratory illnesses  
No deadly burns
No eye strain

At least one million people die every year of respiratory ailments in India. Kerosene is a large contributor to that as it is the main source for lighting in rural areas.  Kerosene is derived from petroleum or coal tar. When it burns, it emits harmful carbon monoxide fumes that are colorless and odorless but deadly. The World Bank estimates that breathing kerosene fumes is the equivalent of smoking 2 packs of cigarettes a day. According to the World Bank approximately 780 million women and children are exposed to this every day.

Kerosene lamps are a serious fire hazard in the developing world. Accidents from these lamps not only cause ugly scars but also third degree burns as well as deaths.

With the MightyLight, people can breathe clean air in their homes instead of breathing fumes from kerosene lamps.








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