Solar-powered lights

One Million Lights receives a donation of 15,000 solar lights for distribution in rural India and Africa. 

The MightyLight is provided by Cosmos Ignite Innovations; a socially conscious corporation founded out of Stanford B School in 2004.

The MightyLight is a solar powered LED light that is eco-friendly and robust, built specifically for rugged conditions.  It can withstand falls on hard surfaces and water/dust without being damaged. The MightyLight produces ~500 lux of clean white light versus ~10 lux of light from a kerosene lamp.

Additional benefits of the MightyLight extend to the environment and health.

The MightyLight has been distributed in many parts of the world including Africa, India, Afghanistan, and South America. Cosmos Ignite Innovations has received recognition in international publications such as the Economist, Time magazine, The Hindu and Le Monde.

The donor of the 15,000 MightyLights will be revealed on December 1, 2008!








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