Solar lights change Kenyan lives We Lit Up a Masai Village in Dec '09, bringing clean and safe lights to the homes of more than 200 families. This video was shot on a trip of Anna Sidana's, our founder and CEO, to Masailand in the transmara region of Kenya. Solar lights replace kerosene lamps, candles, and other harmful and expensive forms of evening light. They improve lives, access to education, and the environment for years to come!

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Watch excerpts from Anna's trip to the Amazon jungle and the high Andes, distributing lights.

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One Million Lights Founder, Anna Sidana, returns to the school her father started 45 years ago in Rajasthan, India to deliver a shipment of 250 MightyLights.
Palo Alto woman sharing light worldwide
Jan. 20, 2009
Anna Sidana of One Million Lights interview on Bay Area People
Jan. 11, 2009
MightyLights are distributed to students in rural Kenya where they make a significant impact on the lives of these children.  

Anna Sidana’s heart-felt speech at the school in Rajasthan, India; where she talks about her inspiration to create One Million Lights.


Kuran Sidana Freyemuth, Anna's son, delivers a moving speech to students in Rajasthan, recognizing the efforts of the teachers to make the school successful


Nikita Sidana Freyemuth, Anna's daughter, expresses her joy at being able to come to India and discusses the impact that her mother's work has had on her.




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