“Upon education depends the fate of this world, our freedoms, and our civilization. Without  it, we are neither civilized nor free.” - anonymous


Improve literacy  
Extend education hours
Make education enjoyable for children

The World Health Organization recommends 300 lux of light for reading without straining the eyes.  A kerosene lamp produces ~10 lux of light. With the MightyLight, students can enjoy reading in ~500 lux of clean white light.  The enjoyment of reading translates into longer reading times and better comprehension.  This in turn has a ripple effect on the overall education level of the student, as reading is the foundation for understanding all the subjects one is studying be it Science, Math or History.

As children expand their horizons, they are able to reach for their dreams and have a higher chance of success in life.

Living and Education conditions


Most of the children in rural communities do not have access to any education. Their families are uneducated and poor, living in the most basic of conditions. Adults spend their entire lives providing food and shelter for the family.

A village home is usually a simple mud hut with one large bedroom. If they are lucky, there may be a small courtyard in front of the room. The entire family lives in that hut. There is no running water or electricity.  The huts are dark even during the day and once the sun goes down most activities grind to a halt. Kerosene lamps are then lit, but provide poor lighting and often result in respiratory issues or burns and accidents. 

Children may have to walk for several hours to get to a school and work side by side with the adults during any free time.  The schools are basic in their infrastructure and range from very simple to somewhat adequate in facilities.


Africa is a vast and beautiful continent with many different cultures.  Rural parts of the country are spread out over vast areas of harsh countryside with no facilities such as water and lighting. Village schools are very basic in facilities, sometimes without even classrooms and chalk boards.  Most of the buildings are made out of brick and mud.  In some schools, the teacher to student ratio is as high as one teacher to 100 students and students often have to share desks.

“The objective of education is to prepare our youth to face the future. To dream
bigger dreams than us and to achieve greater success than us.”
- anonymous  


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