Solar energy is free, clean and environmentally friendly.  There are no harmful and polluting fumes unlike those from traditional energy sources such as kerosene lamps.    Solar lighting helps:

Conserve energy   
Reduce pollution
Offset greenhouse gases

Ramli’s story
When Ramli received her MightyLight, she no longer had to buy fuel for her kerosene lamps.  The money she saved would then go towards providing for her family’s daily needs. She was also able to put some money aside to save for a calf that she had wanted to buy for a long time. Her only cow was getting old and she knew how dependent she was on it for milk and some income as she was able to sell the milk and butter to some villagers.

The clean white light of the MightyLight eliminated the fumes and noxious gasses produced by the kerosene lamps in her small hut.  It was only after she stopped using the kerosene lamp that she realized how clean the air felt and how nice her home smelled. 

As the MightyLight produces no carbon monoxide fumes, the carbon emissions from the lamps are offset for a cleaner environment.  Not only are the people breathing cleaner air, so are the animals and the birds!

The use of polluting lead-acid batteries from small flashlights is also reduced and replaced by nickel-based batteries of the MightyLight.

Villagers are benefiting from the MightyLight with a direct impact on their economics. They don’t need to purchase kerosene anymore – on average families would spend up to 50% of their meager income on kerosene. With high quality lighting from the MightyLight, they can extend their work day and expand their business.





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