Rechargeable Solar Lights

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Rechargeable Solar Lights

One Million Lights Wants to Replace Dangerous Kerosene Lamps

2012, January 19.

By Bianca Bartz


One Million Lights is a nonprofit on a mission to provide one million safe, rechargeable solar lamps to people currently using dangerous, toxic and expensive kerosene lamps—or perhaps no lamps at all.

“These solar lights enable children to study at night and adults to extend their workday, all while eliminating carbon emissions, improving household health, and greatly increasing income savings,” One Million Lights says on their website.

They work together with California-based nonpropfit World of Color, which strives to “improve the daily lives of children and adults in rural parts of the world.”

To date, One Million Lights has supplied solar lamps to Bangladesh, India, Cambodia, Haiti, Nicaragua, Peru, Ghana, Kenya, Mozambique, Nigeria, Tanzania and the Philippines.

One Million Lights also has corporate programs, US school programs and university programs to help spread awareness and encourage widespread involvement.

Contact Information:

One Million Lights website
One Million Lights on Twitter
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Published: Jan 19, 2012