Our Team

Core Team

James Baker, DC Representative [email protected]

Laura Chao, Program Manager, [email protected]

Reed Freyermuth, Logistics and Business Development, [email protected]

Meredith Gloger, Business Development and Programs

Karen Landry, Volunteer, Business Development

Emmanuel Mayssat, Carbon Program, [email protected]

Sadaf Minapara, Global Ambassador Program, [email protected]

Mackenzie O'Donnell, DC Representative, [email protected]

Barrett Raftery, Project Leader, [email protected]

Anad Raghavan, CFO


Sierra Fan, Philippine Project Coordinator [email protected]

Zach Goldstein, MBA Advisor

Anand Hariharan, Wharton West Coast MBA Program Alumni

Prashant Joshi, Website Developer

Jessica Liu, Graphic Design

Ajay Prakash, MBA Advisor

Suraj Rao, Wharton West Coast MBA Program Board Advisor