Solar Lights in Cambodia

One Million Lights volunteer Paul Saunders brought 10 of our solar lights to the children at Cambodian Children’s Fund.

Solar lights go to Cambodian Children's Fund

Here’s a bit of information about their education programs: “Many of our CCF students arrive having had little or no education, and are often unable to read and write in their own language. Others have received some learning through the public school system, but due to substandard materials and teacher-to-student ratios, have been unable to realize their full potential.

Our program is designed to reduce those deficits by offering dynamic academic content, accelerated learning opportunities and newfound promise and prospects. All CCF students are involved in the CCF Education Program. Intensive English is the focus, with a concentration on reading, writing and comprehension. Computer studies are a popular component of the curriculum, and include practice in Microsoft Word and Photoshop, as well as internet use for research and web design. CCF students are also integrated in the Cambodian public school system for coursework in Khmer, math and science.” …from the CCF website,