Oakville Middle School — Project Engage

The students of Oakville Middle School ask for your support.

The students of Oakville Middle School, in St. Louis, MO, are making a difference, by sending solar light to the kids of Mubarika Campus.  In rural Pakistan, Mubarika and the surrounding village  have no electricity or safe source of light.  By providing 200 solar lights for the kids of Mubarika Campus, Oakville gives their less fortunate peers a chance to learn & study at night, and a brighter future.

Support Oakville and Project Engage!

Goal : 200 lights / $3,000

All donations 100% tax deductible through One Million Lights 501(c)3

Project engageENGAGE is an acronym for Enriching our Neighborhood Through Generous Actions, Growth and Empowerment. Project ENGAGE has been designed to encourage and empower students, families and staff of the Mehlville School District to give back to the community through service. Developing character and citizenship in our students is part of our call as educators.

Students and families can participate in Project ENGAGE through school-wide projects, family projects or individual projects.  This year, Oakville Middle School has chosen to adopt the kids of Mubarika Campus, and give light to students in need. They will be asked to reflect on the impact their time and service can have on these less fortunate kids, and on themselves.
Mubarika Campus
The small farming village of WAZIRPUR-MARRARA is located 10 kilometers from Pakistan’s border with India, in the Sialkot district of Punjab. The area is rampant with poverty where the majority of the villagers are subsistence farmers or landless farm labor. The female literacy rate of the area is very low and more than 90% of the female population is illiterate. There is an only one government run girl school in the area. With insufficient capacity, the school is housed in a ramshackle building of only four rooms without a boundary wall.

Through their partnership with One Million Lights, Oakville students provide a better life for these kids, by sending light for them to learn and read at night.  100% of funds donated through this program will be used for this lights.

One Million Lights — For this project, Oakville Middle School is teamed up with One Million Lights, a 501(c)3 charity based in Palo Alto, CA.  Our mission is to improve the daily lives of children and adults by providing clean and healthy lighting. We distribute environmentally friendly, rechargeable solar lights around the world, replacing dangerous and polluting kerosene lamps.