Rebuilding Haiti with Solar Light

Students, families, and medics are doing their part to rebuild, let’s help them out with some clean, safe light

Our partners taking solar lights to Haiti have been absolutely fabulous. The Enoch Choi Foundation has taken 100 lights, a group of dedicated Los Altos High School students has taken 200 lights, and WE CARE Solar has included our lights in their solar suitcases for Haiti. Our lights are keeping families, especially women, safe in the tent cities, they are helping students to study and do their homework, and they are being incorporated into medical relief workers’ trips to aid the operations of mobile health clinics. Encourage the rebuilding by sending more light for these amazing people!

Solar Lights for Schools and Medical Facilities in Haiti

Need: $2,800 /Solar Lights: 100

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Volunteer Doctors and Nurses care for patients in Haiti. Of the many issues they saw, dehydration and common infections were some of the most critical.

  • Rural health care centers and school facilities in Haiti
  • Need 50 lights for health care workers to care for patients and 50 lights for students working hard to get an education
  • Partnered with WE CARE Solar, Enoch Choi Foundation, and Los Altos High School student group for distributions and fundraising
  • We could send 100  lights every quarter, for a total of at least 400 lights per year
  • Each of the clinics and schools served by our partners are better able to serve their patients and students with clean, safe light. Hospitals can operate 24 hours per day, aiding their patients in late night deliveries and other emergencies that happen after dark. And students can study in the late evenings to better their lives.