Join our team as a project-based volunteer or turn a group of these projects into an Internship

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One Million Lights volunteers, Karen Landry, Michelle Pang, and Meghan Mize.

Hands-on Projects

  • Help coordinate fundraisers (Dec 2010 and March 2011)
  • Organize volunteer get-togethers (Quarterly)
  • Volunteer management
  • Create videos, stories from the field, and other media content
  • Label (put logos on) lights


  • Approach local businesses to do employee and other sponsorship programs
  • Approach schools (Elementary, High, and Universities) to adopt us as a cause – students learn about our programs, solar power, spend 2 hours in darkness, and do a school-wide fundraiser
  • Suggest Anna Sidana as a speaker for relevant conferences, groups, schools, etc
  • Connect us with cultural organizations that have an interest in connecting our world with developing world


  • Add to our school program curriculum and support materials for student fundraisers
  • Work with light recipient communities on reporting about their light usage


  • Create some content (write) for the new website
  • Create some messaging (postcard) for lights and other donation related gifts
  • Blogging and Website updating
  • Social Media and Other Web-Based Outreach – Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Change.org, Kiva
  • Farmers Market and other Community Fair Representation (set up a booth, tell people about OML, collect emails for newsletter, collect donations)
  • Pepsi Refresh Grant Media Pushers – Get your network to vote for OML everyday in Dec


  • Host a fundraiser at your house – invite people to dinner, ask for $20 donation, have a fun night!
  • Set up and host a restaurant night – % of a restaurant’s revenues for a designated evening go to OML
  • Approach local businesses to support OML fundraisers by donating food, give-aways, event space, etc.


  • Impact and Solar lighting data – help us find resources for a Wikipedia article
  • Regions where are lights are needed – help us find communities that need clean, safe light
  • Grant and Funding opportunities
  • Speaking engagements, Conferences