** Lights delivered!  Thank you to all our donors and ambassadors for your helping lighting this clinic. **

Dark Deliveries for Moms

Babies often come at night. When there’s no electricity, that means a dark delivery.

There is a tremedous need for solar lights in medical facilities, at birthing centers, and for traveling midwives. Midwives often go from hut to hut to deliver babies and care for mothers. Imagine the dilemma for a midwife: picking her way through rough terrain on a dark night and avoiding animals and trying to keep herself safe, all in order to help bring new life into the world. Help her out by donating a light!

Midwives in Tanzania

Need: $1,400 / Solar Lights: 50

Learn More About It

  • Maasai village in the Olmoti district of Tanzania, Northeastern part of the country, on the slopes of Kilimanjaro
  • Need 50 lights for women, including midwives, pregnant women, and impaired women
  • Partnered with Diane Raleigh & Gloria Upchurch of The Olmoti Clinic
  • The village needs an additional 200 lights, for a total of 250 lights over the next year
  • Our goal is to provide each of the families in the Olmoti district with a solar light as there is no electricity in this rural area. Lights will help protect people from wild animals at night, and help with evening reading and working.
  • The Olmoti clinic has worked with its donors to provide solar suitcases by WE CARE Solar that power all of the functions of the clinic requiring electricity. A few of our solar lights are already being used by medical staff. Let’s send some more!

Gloria Upchurch introduces The Olmotic Clinic to their new solar suitcase, complete with some of our solar lights!