Introducing One Million Students

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A new program sponsored by the SunPower Foundation.

The SunPower Foundation and One Million Lights are launching an exciting new solar education program, bringing inspiring exercises, stories, and global applications to classrooms in an effort to increase environmental awareness.

The One Million Lights team, along with SunPower employees, will work with teachers to introduce an innovative program curriculum to school children from K-12. Education is the key to leveraging renewable resources and classrooms are the best place to start. As school children grow to become environmentally conscious adults, they will be able to shape a better and brighter world for all.

Beginning in the Bay Area of Northern California, the program builds upon the SunPower Foundation’s successful global energy education effort, 100 People Under the Sun, which was developed in partnership with the 100 People Foundation, based in New York.

This program is currently in pilot. Contact us at to learn more and visit:

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