Seeing the Solar Light

Students studying during the daylight hours could learn farming skills during the day and study at night with solar lights.

Adulam is a network of self-sustaining villages in Argentina. The people that live in the villages are people that were living on the street, addicted to drugs or alcohol, or orphans.  They were saved by finding faith through Adulam’s farm and rehabilitation center. The humble donation of 24 solar lights to this farm and school in Tres Arojos will have a significant impact on Adulam, and therefore on rural Argentina.

From January to April, the farm has a theology school and agriculture training center for these orphaned children, recovering addicts, and homeless individuals. There is one two-week session per month, and forty to seventy students come to each session. The students study theology during the day, and then due to lack of electricity are forced to retire to their sleeping quarters when it gets dark. The electric generator that the farm has would cost an unaffordable $210 US per session to light the school for four hours each night.

With the help of clean, safe solar lights, the students will be able to study theology with solar lights at night.  They will then be able to work on the potato field and learn farming skills during the day. This will have a significant impact for two reasons. First, it will increase the farm’s production to about 30,000 kilos of potatoes per season; the potatoes will then be distributed to feed the people of the surrounding Adulam villages. Second, the students will learn valuable farming skills that they will bring back to their respective villages.

Rehabilitation Center in Argentina

Students learning valuable agriculture skills at the rehabilitation farm in Adulam.

  • Small rehabilitation farm located in Tres Arojos, Argentina
  • 40-70 students per monthly summer session
  • With solar lights, students would be able to learn farming skills on the potato field during the day and study theology at night
  • Students are all from Adulam, a network of Christian self-sufficient villages in Argentina
  • With daytime agriculture help of students, the farm in Tres Arojos will be able to produce 30,000 kilos of potatoes per season. Potatoes will be used to feed people of Adulam villages.

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